A team with a vision


Rhett Acosta, Staff Writer

Everyday during fourth period students hear the social vision statement, “At Lincoln High School we promote human kindness and acceptance of all.” In an effort to reach and maintain this vision, Principal Lori Green has established what is known as the Vision Crew.

“Innovation Teams are commonplace in the business world. Businesses strive to be the best and that is what we at Lincoln are also striving for” said Green.

The innovation team was established by Green to improve the school through the staff. “[The goal] is to move Lincoln High School from being a great school to excellent by empowering teachers to take risks and provide a flexible structure that gives them support and opportunities to try new ideas” Green stated.

There are twenty-four teachers that make up the team. Green said that the goal in recruitment was to bring in teachers who were risk-taking that represented all the departments at the school.

The team has four different goals. “Spend positive, constructive, time working together to improve Lincoln High School…build common experiences as we look at education innovations…share ideas and implementation experiences with colleagues…rethink and redo classroom and school spaces.”

The team meets to watch documentaries about different, unique high schools that have been successful. They also are reading different books about, “equity-based policies and practices in schools” Green mentioned. She also said many of the members will be attending equity based conferences over the summer.

This group is a trial run, it started in March and will be reviewed in July at the staff retreat. They’ll decide if group should, “continue, expand, restructure or cease.”

“Our goal is to make sure every student who attends Lincoln High School has the highest quality of education possible” Green said.