“Every Fifteen Minutes” visits LHS

Gabriel Porras, Editor-in-chief

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A parade of law enforcement and first responders descended onto Stanton Way, the center of Lincoln High School’s campus Thursday, responding to a mock accident involving students.  Hundreds of  juniors and seniors from Lincoln and nearby, Village Oaks High School watched on as close to three dozens students took part in the realistic mock crash.  Tension was in the air and some were teary-eyed.

Those emotions continued to pour out during a subsequent assembly in the gym next day.    The Every 15 Minutes Program, as it has been dubbed, came to Lincoln this week.  Some tears were shed as students, parents, and staff members watched the realistic scenario Thursday unfold and as they listened to speakers who have been touched by DUI incidents at the assembly Friday.   The program is being funded and organized by the California Highway Patrol. Admins do advise that there are counselors on hand to help students who may be emotionally distraught after viewing the program. Check back here and on our Twitter account (@LHSLincolnian) later for updates to this story.