Guest View: Government should do more for its homeless population

Letter to the editor

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Officials estimate there are about 1,500 homeless in San Joaquin County, with 311 living in Stockton in the last official count. The largest in the county is the Stockton Shelter for the Homeless, with capacity to house 400 every night. Homeless people live under bridges, parks, fields, sidewalks, anywhere that is not a house, this is why they tend to capture all the great part of the attention of the public.

I can say that they have been a big problem for the community, but lately the amount of homeless has increased in the streets of Stockton, especially in downtown .

They are a problem for the community because most homeless people are usually drugged or drunk and this is a threat for everyone, because you never know how they can react. For example, one day I was in a restaurant with my mom and a man approached us and asked us for money to buy his food, but my mother did not have cash. She only had her card so she told me to tell the man to ask for what I would like to eat and my mom was going to pay for it. The man got very angry and told me that my mom was a selfish person because she did not want to give him money.  We offered to pay for his food, but the man came out very angry from the restaurant and after 20 minutes came back to ask for money and a woman gave him money and then he left the restaurant. At the end when we finished eating we found the man with a bottle of alcohol, we understood him because he was so angry when my mother offered to pay for his food, the reason was because he did not want food, he wanted money to buy alcohol. But I understand because they are addicts.

Many times I think the solution for this is to make shelters for the homeless, where they can be assisted. The government should offer more help for them, like help them get out of their addictions because I believe that they, like us, feel everything. When it is hot weather many die from dehydration and in cold weather they have no place to sleep and tend to suffer from the cold every night. I hope my opinion can make a change because,  for our society, homeless are bad people but I think they deserve another chance to improve their lives. They suffer hunger, illness or sadness every day. Together we can make the change that’s why I wrote this letter, to help society and do good to people who really need it.