Guest View: The prison system needs to be reformed

Letter to the editor

Lucas Hodson

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Prison systems in America are known for their poor conditions and over population and they are not very effective. Prison should be there to rehabilitate and allow the people to become ordinary citizens if they want to be. Just putting people in prison and making them serve a couple years in these poor conditions clearly isn’t working. According to Vox 77% of people who come out of the prisons commit another crime in 5 years after their release. People who come out of jail clearly don’t change with the time that they are given, so there isn’t any reason to not change the system. The People coming out isn’t the only problem, It’s how they are being affected in the Prisons.

The conditions in prisons are know to be horrible but we do nothing to make it better. In prisons suicides represent 7 percent of all deaths, but if you don’t die from suicide you can still get a disease. Many different kinds of STD’s go through prisons because of the shared needles, the drug use, and the consensual and non consensual sex in prison. With these conditions there is a need to change the system we are putting people in.