Guest View: Violence continues to be a problem in Stockton

Letter to the editor

Melisa Serrano Calles

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We all know that violence is a big problem in our cities and also in the world. Violence have been expended in the world and we do not know what to do about it. In Stockton, California, violence increases every day and people are afraid to leave their homes and not return.

The annual crime in Stockton CA is 5,042 crimes, this includes, murder, rape, assault and robbery. “A man was killed when he went to collect the payment,” said Ludwuica James. “The murderer fled and the police have not yet been able to capture him.” All this is happening because nobody does something about it. Many innocent people are dying because of the murderers and it is really sad because nobody can stop them. If nobody does anything for this, the violence in Stockton California will continue to grow every day.

I think that in this case, what we all have to do is call the police when we see violence anywhere so that the person can be arrested. The most important thing is not to walk alone at night. There have to be more policemen in the streets watching and making sure that everything is fine because many times, due to the lack of police officers, many incidents and violence occurs in broad daylight. All this will help our city stay safe.