Guest View: Insulation is key to lowering greenhouse gases

Letter to the editor

Peter De Camp

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My name is Peter De Camp. I’m a senior. I am writing this letter to address the climate change issues that we are facing across the world.

Our atmosphere and biosphere are in danger of being changed for the worse through drastic temperature rises. The main thing that is causing these temperature changes: us. As we advance as a society, we are starting to use more and more resources as fuels to keep our systems running. But, what we are just barely starting to recognize the many harmful effects that are being created by our energy and resource consumption. The amounts of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere have grown tremendously, with the WMO expecting regular temperatures to rise by 8.4 degrees by 2081.

One of the largest contributors to the growing numbers of greenhouse gases are building, with America contributing 43% of building gases alone. This is mainly from the energy resources that we burn to keep our houses and buildings a certain temperature inside. All buildings are made with insulation that keeps cool temperatures in the summer and warm temperatures in winter. The main issue with insulation though, is that is isn’t thick enough to keep that temperature for extended periods of time. This causes us to keep our A/C and heater running, which uses electricity that is made from burning fuels, and ultimately damages our atmosphere.

We can help solve this though, by thickening the insulation we have. Though it may be a bit more expensive than regular insulation, this will help keep the wanted temperature for a longer time, and in turn will lower the amount of greenhouse gases emitted from using resources.