Guest View: Volunteering, not video games, is the answer

Youssef Saleh

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Hi, my name is Youssef Saleh, and I am currently a senior. I am writing this letter in concern about an issue that I think should be resolved in our community. I think that overall young adults can do more with their spare time that is given to them. Whenever I play video games for an hour long, I feel like I have just wasted most of my valuable time to my day that I could have been spending doing something more beneficial to me. So, I brought this to my attention and decided to say something about it.

It has come to my attention that, video games entertain a majority of young adults. So, I have come up with a solution to how teenagers can use up their spare time wisely. If there were some entertaining volunteering opportunities that can get a young adult like myself, to get out of the house then I would sign up. What better way to lure someone into doing something that benefits them and their community by attracting them to something they like. Like having a gym that gives a teen vibe and develops their strength to live a healthy life. Or sponsoring programs that fall into different categories of a teenagers interests. Sorta like school clubs and etc. If there were some more involvement with the young generation in the city of Stockton then I think that us teenagers can shape Stockton into becoming a stronger and better community. I hope you take my input into consideration and I thank you for your time.