Guest View: Measles cases continue to plague nation

Letter to the editor

Jaskaran Sing

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My name is Jaskaran Singh. I’m a senior at Lincoln High School in Stockton. I am writing this letter to address a rapid increase of measles cases. There have been more than 314 cases nationwide of people suffering from the measles. Measles was least expected in developed countries. Measles disease is caused by the rubeola virus and was highly apparent in third world countries which lacked essential resources and proper vaccines.

The spread of this vicious disease across the US can be terminated by proper vaccination. However, many people in the U.S. do not get vaccinated because of their religious ideology and the growing anti-vaccine movement. The World Health Organization has also reported an expected rise in measles cases due to a huge gap in immunization coverage. Measles have caused  Rockland County in New York to declare a State of Emergency as well as bar kids under the age of 18 from assembling in public places. These actions are unusual, but necessary because something much bigger is at stake.

We have to protect the healthy population from contracting this disease and provide assistance to unvaccinated kids and people suffering from measles. Parents should be well informed about the importance of vaccination. They must know how exemptions to not get their kids vaccinated risk other people’s lives. The schools in the US should make compulsory vaccination laws during the period of a disease outbreak. Free vaccination camps and physician care be provided in major cities. The government should compensate family members who lost their loved ones due to the vicious but preventable disease. We all must unite together and aid in the prosperity and health of our nation.