Guest View: To curb violence, Stockton needs more activities

Letter to the editor

Tiyana Bates

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My name is Tiyana Bates. I’m a senior. I am writing this letter to address the homicide rates and the safety of residents in Stockton.

As a developed nation, we can’t control people’s actions, but we can make a way for there to be more productivity for younger kids so that they don’t fall into the cycle. Since 2016 our crime rate has increased and it’s hard for me to go outside without having anxiety or worrying about my little brother who walks home from school everyday. Many people turn to violence simply because they have nothing else to do. I’ve seen the environments that some children are raised in, and they are being exposed to a dangerous lifestyle as well as having ideas installed in their heads. Even teens who were raised in a good family with a good support system are turning to violence because they are bored and are engaging in a lifestyle that will affect everyone else in the future.

In order to break this cycle we should develop a new way for teens to be occupied with their time. A suggestion that I have is constructing more engaging environments for our youth . I’ve asked students at my school about how they feel about Stockton and one kid told me “It’s like there is no energy here, just dull and gray.” As far as the mall and movie theater…what else is there for us to really do? If we can have more things to get excited about or look forward to we can stray from the life leading homicides and become closer as a community. I hope you will consider this suggestion and will help bring a little more color to Stockton.