Guest View: Safety is the number one priority on the road

Letter to the editor

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My name is Julia Tuia. I am a senior attending Lincoln High School. I am writing to you concerning the problems you have brought up in your article you had written on September 21, 2018 titled, “Revving up traffic enforcement.”

I agree with you, some people are kinda crazy when it comes to driving and I think, especially students. It is easy for students at such a young age to run stop signs and red lights or speed. In fact, drivers ages 16 to 19 have the highest crash involvement and injuries due to their insane driving methods.

Furthermore, students that drink and drive are charged with a fine and some time behind bars. Drinking while driving messes with your ability to concentrate and quickly react to certain situations. Too many times, we hear about car accidents involving an intoxicated teenagers and the death of the people in the other car. But, we as a community help each other learn from the past.

Safety is the number one priority when it comes to being on the road and coming in contact with other people and that is what needs to be known. One of my suggestions to build a safe environment is to create social awareness around the fact that every 16 minutes, death is the result of a car accident. Spreading the word and creating an annual assembly in the school would help remind students to drive more safely.

My last piece of advice for helping students create a safe environment that could potentially help the community is to start a club at school. This safe driving club could promote sober driving and following all rules when on the road. I think this could help broadcast safe driving.