Guest View: Tackling homelessness starts with you

Letter to the editor

Angelina Gereghty

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My name is Angelina Gereghty. I’m a senior. I am writing this letter to address the homeless issues we have facing our city. As a developed city, we waste a lot of resources and money compared to an undeveloped city. We spend money our resources on things like how much we pay city officials or we use buildings on things like three dutch bros all in close proximity. Those places could be used for more homeless shelters and the money for food for the needy. Instead citizens give them money while they’re at a red light, in which they probably use to buy drugs.

In the San Joaquin county there are about 1,500 homeless men, women, and children.  The citizens that are frequently under freeways, in tents, along sidewalks and so on are not meant to be there, it is not healthy for the human race. Out of 567 homeless people in the San Joaquin county, that are not in shelters, 311 of them are in Stockton.

I realize that it is not the city’s fault that they are homeless and some feel we should not sacrifice our nice things for the people who didn’t try hard enough to keep from being homeless. But, that’s not always the case, some have gotten evicted because they couldn’t get jobs to hire them. Or that someone in the family had health issues and medicare wouldn’t cover it. But, if we want our city to improve and not be seen as “that one homeless place full of drugs” anymore, we have to be willing to make a difference. To make a change you have to want to take a stand and make adjustments. It could all start with one person: you.