Guest View: Women deserve equal pay and recognition

Letter to the editor

Matesn McMiller

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My name is Matesn McMiller and I am writing this letter to address discrimination against women in society.

Women have been fighting for equal opportunity since the beginning of time. Strives for change have been drastic and monumental for the culture of women. Social barriers are being broken down every day in the fight for equal opportunity but yet women still don’t receive the respect they deserve.

As times changes so should the view of society when it comes to women. Recently the U.S women’s soccer team issued a lawsuit against U.S for gender discrimination. In regards to this lawsuit they speak about their low quality training conditions and unfair paychecks. These women are fighting for a right that they have rightfully earned the right of obtaining. There are so many cases like this happening everyday. Soccer is not just their passion it is a job that their bodies endure pain from.

To deny a woman from something she has earned is inhumane. The pay gap between men and women is at about $900 billion in annual lost earnings for women with full time jobs. What gives someone the right to deny a person due to their gender. The struggle for equality goes way beyond pay grades, it is just the need for recognition and respect that also need focus and attention. The things that women have endured over the years don’t deserve the animosity that they receive. A simple solution to this problem would be to give women the respect they deserve. Paying credit where credit is due goes a long way. As more women gain the respect they deserve then the barrier between men and women will one day be broken.