Green: WASC Visit a success

Rhett Acosta, Staff Writer

Last year a report was published by Lincoln High School that outlined all the reasons why it was put on Probation by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. WASC stated that it would return in May to make sure the school was working on all of the points outlined. Earlier this month, the visiting committee visited the campus and held a meeting to discuss their findings.

The findings of the visiting committee were overwhelmingly positive according to the teachers present on Monday. Kenneth Kulm, a teacher at Lincoln High said that the visiting committee was very positive. “The committee was really impressed with our school, students, parents, teachers, WASC report…”  said Kulm. He also pointed out that the most important question was if the school was making a clear effort to improve all of the weak spots, and the visiting committee… “ voiced a resounding YES that Lincoln was indeed  meeting the expectations of our WASC report.”

The committee chair said that this visit was one of the easiest the committee has made due to how well written and how accurate the report the school made is. Karen Meredith, an English teacher at Lincoln High said [The visiting committee] “found that the report we had written was thorough and accurate, which they determined from their visit to classrooms as well as conversations with students, parents and teachers.” Meredith also noted that the school recommended that the school continues to implement the changes they’ve made, and to continue to work on restorative justice and the number of D’s and F’s.

In short, the committee found that the school was actively working on the issues at hand, showing improvement, and expressed nothing but positivity at the efforts made by the school. Lori Green, Principal of Lincoln High, said this was a “homerun” and she felt like a “proud mom.”

Kulm also added the success is thanks to the leadership of Lincoln’s principal.  He said that we must acknowledge… “Lori Green for spearheading this WASC visit. Not once did she cower or give a “doom and gloom” impression of the WASC visit. Lori’s energy and leadership was key to our success” Kulm stated.

With this review over and the initial report glowing with good news, it is likely that the school will not have another visit from WASC for another two years.