Continuing a local legacy

Gabriel Porras, Editor-in-Chief

It reads, “Alex” but for Lincoln High junior, Alexander Gaines, his SaveMart name pin serves as a badge of honor.  

“I wanted to join the grocery industry because I see it as a family business or a tradition,” said Gaines.

Gaine’s choice to begin working at Stockton’s Quail Lakes Drive Save Mart in July of 2018 was a natural fit for his family.  Gaines follows the footsteps of relatives who have walked the aisles of local grocery stores for decades. His last name is a fixture in the local grocery retail industry.  

“My great grandfather owned a chain of grocery stores, liquor stores, and hardware stores,” said Gaines “My grandfather and his brothers all grew up working for [their father] and then they started working for SaveMart when they became adults.”

Gaines currently works in SaveMart’s dairy department.  His job duties consist of making sure that dairy products are re-stocked and that customers are satisfied with products coming from the dairy department.  

“My family’s past work and success inspires me,” said Gaines,  “because I want to follow in their footsteps to continue their legacy and to continue the reputation which they have created with all of their hard work, dedication, and passion for what they did.”

He started as a grocery bagger but Gaines very quickly worked his way up, now taking the spot as a clerk in the dairy department.

“I want to prove that hard work truly does pay off and making a difference no matter how big or small will always last and never die” said Gaines.

Even some customers were shocked to learn that Gaines was only a highschooler because of his professionalism.

While Gaines remains undecided in his future plans for work, he is insistent that the grocery business is an option on the table, “The future is a road of many possibilities and staying in the grocery industry is definitely a possible path but it is on of the many unclear and unknown paths that are presented for the future,” said Gaines “I want my dream job to be something I love, something where I can make a difference in my community and people outside of it…”

For now, Gaines returns to work with the same zeal that he had when he started months ago, “If you love your job you’ll never work a day in your life.” Said Gaines.