T.A. limits among changes for next year

Michael Spessard, Staff Writer

As many are getting ready for next year, and many are getting ready to graduate, new policies and rules are being outlined by the school’s administration and the district. One of these many changes will be the new policy concerning teachers assistants.

Due to a governing board policy dating back to 2004, that states that “The governing board believes students should be assigned to classes and/or grouped in a manner the most effective learning environment for all students,”, the board has decided that the T.A. class does not have as much learning as it should and that many times students that are T.A.’s are found roaming the school and different classrooms because they don’t have enough to do. The administration has said that they realize the teachers do need help and they will continue to provide that help by giving “roughly one” T.A. to each teacher, according to Mr. Hancock. He went on to say that Science teachers will possibly have more as lab techs because they have more use for them, he also said they have found it “pretty useful” having multiple T.A.’s in special education classrooms.

Tristan Aings, a junior who is currently a T.A. believes that the T.A. system is broken and says “I don’t think they need six T.A.s but they definitely need more than one, maybe three or four would be better. He admits that there are lots of students just roaming the campus but that doesn’t take away from the fact that they still need help.

The main reason for this change is the overuse of T.As. Teachers are often given T.A.s for every class and by 2nd period the work for them to do has run dry and it leaves the rest of the T.As with nothing to do all day, every day. This leads to an increased number of kids roaming the school, going to their cars and hanging out on their phones. The district policy is another way of backing this claim up. Kids are not learning enough in these T.A classes and the school is working to increase productivity