From the Editor: Newspapers make mistakes too

Gabriel Porras, Editor-in-Chief

Spelling is hard.  What was supposed to be a newsworthy spread, last month, was filled with typos and some formatting errors.  Being editor-in-chief, I accept full responsibility for those errors. Miraculously, we did not notice or see them until we had the one thousand copies of our March issue of The Lincolnian in our hands.  Since then, I- we- have taken steps to avoid future errors in this paper.  My position as editor-in-chief is only the most conspicuous part of a well-oiled news gathering machine.  I am backed by the power of an editorial staff, featuring three-year journalism students, Kaitlyn Nelson and Amber Betita and advisor, Jay Rivera.  Nelson edits and formats pages two and three while Bieta has been tasked with editing and formatting pages four and five.  Advisor Jay Rivera stepped in this year editing both of our sports pages while also looking over and helping all pages. I am incredibly grateful for all of their efforts on creating a news product for the Lincoln community.  Since our issues in the last paper, Rivera has discovered that our newspaper spread editing software does have spell check. That was activated on all computers almost immediately. Additionally, we have stiffened our deadlines to allow for more editing and proofreading.  The Lincolnian’s staff is comprised of high school students.  We meet during third period in a joint class of “Journalism” and “Newspaper Production”.  Much like most Lincoln teachers and staff members, our reporters and editors have other commitments that also require time and energy, however, going forward, we will focus our efforts more solely on where they should be, creating a comprehensive, readable, error-free news product for students and teachers at Lincoln High School.

As the temperatures start to rise, the end of this school year nears.  In just a matter of days, close to nine hundred young adults will complete their Lincoln journey, crossing a stage on Lincoln’s Alex G. Spanos Stadium for the last time.  Caps and gowns will soon be followed by swimming pools, excursions to Mexico, Hawaii, Los Angeles, and Santa Cruz. The rest and relaxation is long deserved for students and staff members at Lincoln.  The year has been long with plenty of news stemming from our campus. It has been our pleasure to serve you, the reader, these past 180 days. Personally, it has been a dream come true for me serving as your editor-in-chief.  Although, our commitment to news does not stop where the bell rings- as proven over this past year with our addition of Twitter and a website- we will continue to follow news from Lincoln High School throughout the summer, and you can bet that we will be here right when the bell sounds for the first time of the 2019-2020 school year.  Enjoy your summer and thank you for spending some of your time here!