Orientation 2019; Reminders and Necessities


Hundreds of Lincoln HIgh School seniors gathered for their orientation at Lincoln Monday.

Gabriel Porras, Editor-in-Chief

The grounds of Lincoln High have been cleaned and are ready to see the arrival of the nearly 3,000 students for first day of classes Tuesday, August 13. But before, orientations are being held throughout the week of August 5.

Orientation Reminders and Necessities:

      1. Large quantities of students means large quantities of time- At your orientation, expect there to be hundreds of new students, transfer students, and returning students. Since each class has nearly 900 students in total, your orientation process will take some time. If you want to get out early, be sure to arrive early. Also, be careful scheduling events after orientation because if you take longer than you think, you may run into scheduling conflicts.   Here is a map of what to expect at orientation, be sure to follow the directions of staff members and signs.
      2. Officials: We strongly encourage all students to attend on their scheduled day- If a student can not be at the orientation, a legal parent or guardian may pick up their child’s schedule. The parent must wait in line and have a valid California ID or Driver’s License in order to pick up the schedule. Although, parents probably can’t take photos for their kids so all student are encouraged to attend their scheduled sessions.

        Hundreds of Lincoln HIgh School seniors gathered for their orientation at Lincoln Monday.
      3. Preparedness is the key to success- Be prepared. Know whether or not you want to make purchases before you get to the “old/practice” gym for orientation. Purchase include an ASB activities sticker, a yearbook, and P.E clothes. There will be two separate lines, inside the gym itself, for purchasers and non-purchasers. Purchases can be made online at www.mymealtime.com. If you purchase online, you need to have a receipt of the purchase with you at orientation. At orientation, the only forms of payment accepted are cash or checks.

        Here is a list of the many items you can purchase and/or pick up at orientation
      4. Have fun- High School orientations are a great way to catch up with friends- perhaps while waiting in lines- or you can make new friends especially once you get your class schedule. And finally, only four orientations until high school is over, so make it (and the year) count!

    Here is a schedule of orientation slots.