Lincoln’s Aquatics Center sees renovation


Gabriel Porras

The Aquatics Center looks newly renovated after summer construction.

Kaden Lincoln, Staff writer

The Richard De Long Aquatics Complex had a remodel done over the summer for the upcoming school year and swim and water polo seasons. The remodel of the aquatics complex took nearly three months to complete.

The process of remodeling the pool began at the end of the last school year when workers drained the pool of all the chemicals and water. 

During the beginning of summer, the pool was torn up and the remodeling began with new sides and flooring installed along with new poolside accessories, including new showers, swim blocks, and a new set of stairs replacing the old ramp.

Many of the students involved with the aquatics program believe the pool remodel was a job well done.   The remodeling of the pool has made it “better than it was before because the pool looks cleaner and nicer,” said junior Blaine Zindel.

While many students and staff members are impressed by the upgrades, some student-athletes, who are a part of the Aquatics program, said the pool remodel has impacted their practice schedule. 

“It made us start practice late for water polo and now we have a performance disadvantage against the other teams when we start having our games,” said junior Alana Lillie.