New technology brings print issue to life


Gabriel Porras, Editor-in-chief

It has been said that newspapers are dying but The Lincolnian, Lincoln High School’s student newspaper, is coming alive. The paper, which reaches over 3,000 students and staff members announced the addition of augmented reality through the Interactive News program birthed by Jack Mitchell the publisher of the Amador Ledger-Dispatch in Jackson.  

“I am extremely excited to see your high school become the first augmented reality high school newspaper” Said Mitchell who brought the Interactive News feature down the hill- for free- to Lincoln High, “This is cutting edge technology that will make your newspaper more relevant than ever.”

The process is simple, download the “Ledger Dispatch” app from the Apple or Google App stores, open it, and scan photos, which carry the Lincolnian banner, in the physical paper.  For example, scan the photos in “Question of the Month” on page two of the physical paper for a video of students.  

The Interactive News feature can also be used in advertisements placed in the paper to direct readers to a website, menu, video, etc.

Be sure to download the app, scan, and enjoy news from LHS!