Three standout in soccer field


Lincoln soccer players, Celeste Garibay (left) and Bella Perez (Right) pose for a photo.

Juliet Savage, Staff writer

Lincoln High has dozens of sports to offer. The sport that stuck out the most was the girl’s soccer here along with all the other sports and activities that are provided at this high school over the course of 4 years.

Three students in particular who stand out and are sophomores Riley Patten, Marianna Gallardo, and Mya Smith.

“Playing soccer for me is like an escape from everything else going on,” said Patten. “I really enjoy it and it creates great bonds with people I can call family now all while managing sports with school.”

Patten, Smith, and Gallardo play for San Juan South Stockton coached by Keith Coleman and his wife Michelle Coleman. Michelle recently finished her third season as head coach at Saint Mary’s High School with a 18-3-2 record.

Patten is the starting center back for the team and has amazing skills. Smith and Garrardo both play defense. Patten wants to play for the University of Oregon’s soccer team. Smith and Gallardo also plan on playing in college. 

“Playing soccer is amazing,” said  Gallardo. “ I’ve played it almost my whole life, and through it I’ve made friends that are like family, and the best part is that there is no end to the sport cause everyday you are challenging yourself to be better than you were yesterday.”

Gallardo’s least favorite position is center mid or center forward. She has great skills when it comes to the defensive aspect of the game. Gallardo’s favorite positions is both wings and center back.

Smith would like to play in college if she has the opportunity to. She normally plays in the defensive position, but sometimes she gets the chance to play forward. “Playing soccer is very fun and at times it gets frustrating and difficult but it is overall a very fun game.”

All three of these girls have great skills in the sport and they all are great players who have lots of great goals that they can achieve.