Freshman player hopes to continue family football legacy


Courtesy: Dennis Putian Photography

Lincoln freshman football player, Kenyon Nelson has his eyes set on the NFL, a location where members of his families have already been.

Gabino Vidales, Staff writer

Kenyon Nelson a freshman quarterback for Lincoln’s Varsity team, has received athlete of the month for his stunning game against  Granada High School. Nelson plans to make a living off of football; after all, Nelson grew up and played the sport since he was 10 years old.

Nelson continues to play his sport because it’s a game he learned to love. Nelson  believes that football is a way to relieve his stress and anger. He chose football because of his father who played football in college and his uncle who played in the NFL.

”I love Lincoln’s environment, surroundings, and the people who make Lincoln. love school,it school wasn’t a thing I would not be able to play football”.Kenyon loves school and the people who make it, if school wasn’t a thing Kenyon would be able to play, which would not give him a chance to go to the NFL.

Keyon believes that school is a place where he can play football and have fun doing it. Normally, Kenyon gets nervous before a game during his warm-ups, but his strategy for relaxing before a game is to breathe deeply in and out. Kenyon believes that being an athlete helped him become a better student by keeping his grades up in order to play the game he knows and loves, Kenyon, is also the oldest of five other siblings.Kenyon used to attend the Delta Sierra Middle School before attending Lincoln HighSchool.. Kenyon’s role model is De’marion Nelson, if Kenyon didn’t play football he would be playing basketball, Kenyon also loves to do photography when he is not playing football.Kenyon’s final advice for other athlete is “God first, school second” thought Kenyon’s eyes keeping your grades up is the number one thing to be a great athlete, and to become a better student.