Threat deemed not credible for Stockton’s Lincoln High


Gabriel Porras

A Stockton Police unit and LUSD Security car were amongst the many law enforcement officers on campus Friday, the day after a threat scared students.

Gabriel Porras, Editor-in-Chief

A post threatening a shooting at Lincoln High School, shared via social media Thursday night, has been deemed not credible for the Stockton high school.

A screenshot of an Instagram direct message was shared across various social media platforms in the Lincoln High community Thursday night.

The direct message was between a user, with the handle “anonymouskiller64”, and another unknown Instagram user.  The “anonymouskiller64” account was deleted from or taken down from Instagram shortly after a screenshot of the direct message began circulating.  In the messages, the “anonymouskiller64” suspect asked the person if he or she went to Lincoln.  The victim of the threat responded “why do you need to know ?”.  The suspect then responded indicating that he or she would like to “shoot as many people as I can”.

Screenshots of the suspect’s profile also began circulating.  In the description section of the profile was a haunting message, “Lincoln Highschool getting shotup at 11:22 Monday”

School officials say that the threat is not credible to Stockton’s Lincoln High School. They say that the threat was made to a Lincoln High School in a different city and that an arrest has been made in that respective city.

The threat, however, did send increased security to Lincoln High School -in Stockton- Friday, October 4, the day after the threat surfaced.  The Stockton Police Department was included in the investigation.