Homecoming 2019

Gabriel Porras, Editor-in-chief

Months of stress-filled preparations have boiled down to hours of anticipation and excitement for six Lincoln High School seniors, all competing for the title of the school’s 2019 Homecoming Queen.

Meanwhile, in the locker room, players are prepared to bring home a win against the West High School Wolfpack at the Homecoming game, Friday, at 7:15 p.m.

On the floor of Lincoln High School’s main gym, hundreds of students of all ages are exemplifying months of practice, preforming skits and dances for clubs, classes, and to give the six Homecoming princesses a better chance at winning the students body’s vote Friday.

The nervous energy and sheer thrill experienced by many students of Lincoln High reached a pinnacle Thursday evening going into Friday as the school’s annual Homecoming week culminated in a nearly two-hour long rally Thursday night and two assemblies Friday morning.  Eventually, a carnival and a homecoming football game Friday afternoon were slated to occur.  At the game, at Alex G. Spanos Stadium, the winners of the Homecoming vote will be announced. This year, the race for queen was up to Tahoni Anderson, Natalie Davis, Jillian Hayes, Hailey Herrera, Keeley Kosier, and Mia Singh; six candidates who, while votes have not yet been cast, have won in high school by even making it to the homecoming court.

The six wowed crowds with skits incorporating various students at a rally Thursday night.  The rally included a performance from local artist and LHS alumnus, “Lil Daddex” and teacher Michael Canepa or otherwise known as “Braxy”.

At the homecoming rally Friday, various students preformed yet again, wowing crowds of peers and staff members.  A carnival with booths set up by multiple clubs was scheduled for Friday as well.

Lincoln High’s student cheer club, the Lunatics, have planned a tailgate before the home football game which starts at 7:15.

Hundreds are anticipated to show up as they hope for the Trojans to defeat thee Wolfpack ending a week that won’t soon be forgotten.


(See the pictures on this page for a slideshow of photos from the week, which we will update throughout the day)