In the stands: Students prepare for potentially historic game

Jasmine George, Staff Writer

Excitement has reached a fever point with the Lincoln vs. St. Mary’s game just hours away as of publication. Students are especially excited for this game as Lincoln hasn’t beaten St. Mary’s in about 14 years although this year, analysts believe that the Trojans may have an upper hand. This game will take place on Friday although preparations are not being constrained to the field.  

“We are all ecstatic,” said Lincoln Lunatics co-president, and LHS senior Marissa Ramirez, “We’re going to take the dub.” 

Ramirez has planned a red out theme and a tailgate for the game, expected to be packed Friday. 

“We put out a Twitter poll and the majority of students wanted t wear red to the game so we chose to continue with a red-out,” said Ramirez, “We are also planning to hold a tailgate directly before the game to drum up more school spirit.”

     The school community has  high hopes that Lincoln will take this game as an opportunity to change everyone’s opinion about the football team.

“My friends and I will wear red, yellow and black with my friends at the game,” said freshman Conner Chap.

     Memes about the two high schools have been circulating across social media. Many people at both schools are hyped and cannot wait to see who will win.

“Everyone looks at Lincoln and St. Mary’s as the high schools in Stockton with the best football teams,” said  freshman Julio Garcia. “They see St. Mary’s as better than Lincoln since we haven’t won a game against St. Mary’s in a long time. If Lincoln wins, St. Mary’s won’t seem better than Lincoln anymore.” 

There is no school Friday although hard core fans are hoping that the game will be well attended.  In the meantime, Lincoln students are continuing to hold hope believing, as Ramirez says, “We’re going to win!”