On the Field: Undefeated Trojans hoping for historic, cross-town rivalry win

Persephone Limas, Staff Writer

It’s been 15 years since the last victory.

This Friday, is the game so many people are looking forward to, the Lincoln varsity football team against St. Mary’s High School.

The players are very excited for this game, and it’s going to be a huge dog fight. This game is not just another game for Lincoln, it’s also reported to be a bye for a win in the 1st round of the playoffs. it’s more prepared for.

“As a team, the game is more personal since both sides of the team know each other,” said varsity running back Maceo Frisco.

If the Trojans win this game, not only will it bring pride to the team, but for seniors and other students as well as they haven’t witnessed them beat St. Mary’s. The reaction for the win is the same for multiple players, as it will be “emotional, crazy, wonderful, indescribable.”

“There will most likely be tears of joy,” said varsity quarterback Kenyon Nelson.

Luckily, Lincoln players say that the team is well prepared for the match up. They’ve been preparing for the game since January, and they are stronger as well “because the whole team is really close like a family,” said Nelson.

“Our main strengths as a team are defense, offense, running, and passing — basically everything,” said Jonah Coleman.

Lincoln players do admit to St. Mary’s strengths being “defense, wits, passing, and just being disciplined,” Frisco said.

All in all, this game is extremely important for the players as a team and emotionally, and it’s definitely something they are looking forward too.