Tahoni Anderson crowned Homecoming Queen

Tristan Aings, Staff Writer

Homecoming at every high school is always one of the most important and talked about events each year. This year many students were nominated for homecoming queen, but in the end there were six finalists. Tahoni Anderson, Natalie Davis, Hailey Herrera, Mia Singh, and Jill Hayes represented Lincoln as homecoming queens. All six of them put together skits, and campaigns to get the student body to vote for them.

“The atmosphere at the rally was something special, you had to be there to see it. I also fell which hurt but me and Jonah did a good job in the activities.” At halftime on Oct. 25, the score was 56-0 and at halftime and the nominees were getting ready to walk across the field with their fathers. As each one of them lined up, Tahoni was announced as the winner everyone congratulated her for her victory. Her father came up to her smiling ear to ear, proud of his daughter. 

“During the whole process I felt alienated because I was the only black girl there,” said Anderson. “Once I won, it was great to see how much support I had gotten from all my family and friends.”

She felt completely blessed to win the honor. She said her family had some doubts about her winning because she is black, but winning meant the world to her and everyone around her.  Running for homecoming queen has plenty of layers to it. the skit was especially one of the most challenging parts for each one of the homecoming queens.

“The routines we had everyone doing was rather easy,” Anderson said. “The hard part was trying to get everyone there for each practice. People are busy, but all my friends came together and made it work and I am appreciative for all of them in this process. I came out with an honest, unexpected victory and I will forever remember this.”