Lincoln Volleyball team hopes to spark a hot streak, and improve their current record

Alonzo Kelly, Staff Writer

This year’s Volleyball season is already in full swing, Lincoln’s girls volleyball team hopes to make a splash in league this year. With their most recent win over Tracy, Lincoln’s team hopes that this sparks a hot streak, and improve their current 5-7 record. With the upcoming schedule being more difficult, going up against tough opponents like Saint Mary’s and Lodi, many of the players on the team don’t really seemed phased about the upcoming challenge. 

“We have a lot of talent, and when we work as a team, we can do great things,” said senior Mackenzie Auchard. “We work really well together and have great coaches that push us to be the best team we can be.” 

All the girls love how Volleyball has bonded them together, while no other thing really could. Senior player Alex Byrd pointed out that “[she] really [likes] the group of girls, and how they all bring something different to the team. [She] also [appreciates] everyone’s love for the sport.”

The volleyball frenzy also seems to be hitting their peers and families as well. The volleyball team seems to have support from a select few of senior boys, that try to attend every home game. When asked why they do this, they responded with, “We like to think of ourselves as the lunatics for female sports,” said Tsunami Ueda, a senior, who regularly attends the girls matches, “because female sports don’t receive enough recognition from the Lincoln students.”