Students take on Electronic Sports

Gabino Vidales, Staff Writer

Esports is a new type of competition that was introduced to Lincoln HighSchool this year, Esports is competitive gaming with games like Overwatch, League of Legends, and Rocket League.

More than 200 colleges are offering scholarships with $15 million per year, Esports is a $900 million industry with 400 million viewers. 

Shout casters also play an important role in esport competitions. Shout casters are two people from each team announcing what is going on during the match for their team. Shout casters are also able to receive scholarships from universities and colleges.

Presently, Lincoln High School is undefeated in the Central California eSports league or CCEL. When the league is just about done, the championships will be held in the county school office.

“The team will grow,” said Principal Lori Gree, “they are talking about Overwatch next semester.”

The Lincoln esports team is planning to switch their esports game to Overwatch, which is a popular game at the moment for esports teams, though will it continue after  the #BoycottBlizzard statement due to an unjust banning of a professional gamer. 

Blizzard, Overwatch’s publisher and producer, sentenced a 12 month ban to a professional gamer and recent champion of a gaming competition. . 

Derren Feng is currently a senior and will be leaving next year so he will not be able to continue esports at school

“(I) like playing the games that I can play with my friends and it’s better than I can play at school,” said Feng, adding that he does not plan on playing Esports in college. 

“I’m not good in two esports. It’s very new and it’s not something I see doing, and I  still want to go to college.”

“We do have a good chance we just have to play smart,” said Feng.

Derren believes that the Lincoln has a great chance to win first place in the Central California eSports League. Lincoln High has spent around $1500 on gaming chairs alone. 

The most recent match was against Tokay High, playing the famous Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, or for short; RPG, League of Legends. After a long 34 minute stream, Lincoln High stole the victory against Tokay.

Lincoln High uses the streaming platform, Twitch, to share and stream their meets against other schools. The account which they post on is lusdesports. 

From there you can watch all of their previous videos and competitions.