Senior VS. Staff Comeback

Valentino Yarbrough, Staff Writer

Senior vs Staff basketball is a one time a year event where the senior students and teachers and staff of Lincoln High get together and play a friendly competitive game of basketball.

There are three Seniors vs Staff sports: basketball, volleyball, and dodgeball. Last year the games didn’t happen because the seniors were not interested in them and barely any people signed up to play, so the games were unable to be played. 

This year, the seniors are trying to prevent the same thing as last year happen this year by signing up and actually getting the games played.

“I think this year the game will happen because there’s a lot of athletic seniors who would want to participate,” said Andrew Hale, senior. 

“I think the seniors will smack on the teachers because the teachers are old and aren’t gonna be able to keep up with the seniors.”

Chris Roemer, who is a vet in Senior vs Staff events plans to play in the match, albeit with some reluctance.

“Ugh. I guess I’ll play,” Roemer said, adding there’s an early sign that he knows the teachers are going to lose the game. 

Roemer also hopes the game continues this year.

“We hope it happens every year,” said Roemer.

“I think it just depends on the overall school spirit of the senior class and how bad they want it to happen, but I think we always look forward to it, and the staff hopes all these activities happen so we can do these activities.”

“As far as who I think is gonna win,” said Roemer, “I think the staffs record proves that we have a good chance at winning.”