Among the Waves

Eliza Navy, Staff Writer

Waves crashing, parents yelling, balls in the air as the players aggressively fight to get their hands on the ball. This is the game of water polo. It takes a lot of patience and is a teamworking sport. Just like all sports, teamwork and sportsmanship plays a big role.

Two players from Lincoln’s JV water polo team offered their take on the sport they enjoy playing. Ally Ratto, 14, is currently playing on the girls JV team along with her 2 sisters, Angel (Junior) and Aryel (Sophomore).

“I’m more of a defensive player than an offensive player, just to help back if the other team is trying counterback, but if I need to be an offensive player I will,” remarked Ally.

Ally can play both ends of the pool but she prefers to play defense rather than offense.

“My favorite part by far is how much of a family we are, if we didn’t have that trust in each other that we have formed then we wouldn’t be as successful as we have been this start of the season,” said Ally. “We all connect with each other and we have the communication and comfort with each other giving us an advantage to ask for help when needed.” 

Sportsmanship and communication is key in the game of water polo as Ally restated, “My favorite part by far is how much of a family we are.” The next player also makes an appearance on the girls JV team.  Audrey Smith, 14, plays on the JV team as a freshman while her sister, Courtney, played as a senior before graduating with the class of 2019. 

“Both I love to score on offense and good shots but I love to get field blocks or steal the ball on defense,” said Smith.

Smith also enjoys playing defense but she also enjoys scoring when she gets the chance to.

I think the hardest part is first learning then once you really learn it comes easier and you just grow.” said Smith. Along with other sports, water polo is a growing sport, not all players whether they are on JV or Varsity learn right away, meaning everything is a learning process. Water polo requires a lot of time and patience, which these athletes are really striving towards.