Lincoln Students Ponder New Year Resolutions

Madison White, Staff Writer

With 2020 just around the corner, New Year’s Resolutions are on everyone’s minds. The start of a new decade brings opportunities to work on self improvement. Students and staff share their goals for the new year.

Many people stress about the future. “Living more in the present” is something that junior, Analillia Cabuena is going to work on next year. She said that overthinking her decisions often leads to her worrying about the results. Focusing on the present can help to eliminate unnecessary stress about the future.

The goal of sophomore Miya Hoang, is “to be more fit.”

Already a soccer player, Hoang wants to keep up her athleticism in the new year. Plus, exercising helps with mental health, too. Being in shape is a great way to improve your health next year.

Math teacher Jennifer Hancock said she will try to make more time for herself. Grading takes up a lot of Hancock’s time, and her family has a busy schedule, too. It is a challenge to make time for herself amidst a busy lifestyle, but it is one of her goals for 2020.

Sarah Buhr, a Spanish teacher, chooses to focus on one positive word throughout the year, she said. Some of the words she has chosen in the past include “adventure, joy, and peace.” Focusing on an encouraging word helps her through hard days and chaotic situations.

Setting goals for 2020 is a great way to kick off the new year.