BSU Annual Assembly

Caden Lincoln, Staff Writer

Every year, Lincoln High School’s Black Student Union puts on a rally to honor Black History Month. The theme of this year’s rally is Black Excellence, especially in the education system. Black history month takes place in February, the month of Martin Luther King Jr. ‘s Birthday.

“The theme of the rally will follow Black excellence, specifically in the education system. We are going to focus on Black figures that went to college and have had a great future.”

“Additionally, we will focus on Lincoln’s own amazing Black students and their accomplishments,” said President of the Black Student Union, Zoe Blount, on what the theme of this year’s rally is and means.

Every year the Black Student Union wants students to take away something from the rally. “We want the Black students that aren’t in B.S.U. to know that knowledge is power. Education can lead our community to great success. It is often not as advocated for minorities, so we want to educate everyone on the opportunities it can provide as people of color. Secondly, we want the rest of the students to recognize that Lincoln’s Black community is strong. We want to overcome stereotypes and show that we are as capable as everyone else,” said Blount, on what she wants the student body to take away from this year’s rally.

Many members of the B.S.U. are ready for the student body to have a fun and knowledgeable time at the rally.

“To educate others about Black history,” said Junior Tandy Das, who is a member of the club, about what she wants the rally to do for students of Lincoln High school.

This year will be Mr. Jeffery Roberson’s last year with Lincoln High School as well with the Black Student Union. Those participating in and with the Club would say Mr. Roberson would be an inspiration.

Lincoln High will miss you Mr. Roberson, enjoy your retirement.