Brawl Breaks out during College Basketball

Andrew Typpo, Staff Writer

Following a college basketball game on Tuesday, January 21st, that saw the powerhouse in Kansas facing off against Kansas State, an all out brawl ensued as the clock ran out.

The game went as expected, with Kansas winning 81-60, and with 15 seconds left, Kansas blocked a shot attempt by a Kansas State player, making the game all but over. After this, Kansas began dribbling the clock out, a practice that occurs in every blowout win from the winning team. Suddenly, with 5 seconds left, Kansas State guard DaJuan Gordon stole the ball from the Kansas player and took the ball to the basket, but was blocked by Kansas forward Silvio De Sousa, who stood over Gordon following his block.

This quickly led to an altercation between the two players, but the situation exploded, with both team’s benches clearing, leading to an all out melee between players, coaches, police, and stadium staff. As these people tried to break up the brawl, it spilled over into the first few rows, and escalated further as punches were thrown and Silvio De Sousa picked up a chair at one point, but luckily never hit anyone with it.

Within thirty seconds, the fight was finally broken up. These sequence of events drew disgust from all around, including coaches of both teams, major sports personalities, and more.

“That was an embarrassment on our part for the role we played in it and there will be consequences” said Kansas head coach Bill Self.

The day after this all occurred, De Sousa has already been suspended indefinitely by Bill Self, and many suspensions will likely follow after the NCAA finishes reviewing the brawl.