Secretary of State visits Lincoln High

Gabriel Porras, Editor-in-chief

In a historic visit, Secretary of State Alex Padilla hosted a voter registration assembly inside of Lincoln High School’s performing arts center. 

Extra security was on hand January 27, as over 200 seniors and juniors gathered to listen to Padilla and Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs speak.

I think it really cool how we get an opinion and we get to be able to do this,” said LHS senior Jillian Hayes, “a lot of people don’t know how to register to vote.”

Padilla delivered a speech to the crowd of history students and teachers encouraging them to register to vote. 

“I think young people and everybody else for that matter are clearly paying attention to what is happening in the national political climate” said Padilla. 

U.S. citizens 16 years old or older can pre register to vote and automatically be eligible to vote when they turn 18. 18-year-olds, on the other hand, can register to and be eligible to vote in the primary, held March 3 and the November 3 general elections. 

“There is strength in numbers,” said Padilla, “ We have the right to vote and we also have the right to organize… ” 

Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs also spoke to the attendees before introducing Padilla.

Directly after the assembly, during fourth period, booths were set up allowing students to pre register and register to vote. 

According to Padilla, teenagers could have power when it comes to elections, enough power to shift results.

“They’re paying attention, they’re excited, and ready to participate so we brought  an opportunity to register, answer their questions and get them ready to vote” said Padilla.


To watch the full presentation, visit:

Secretary of State, Alex Padilla spoke to a theater full of Lincoln High School students and staff encouraging people to register to vote.
Gabriel Porras