Legacy of Lincoln Wrestling

Valentino Yarbrough, Staff Writer

Wrestling is one of the most popular sports that students try out for. It is also one of the hardest working sports there is, with the athletes having to make weight by cutting it or gaining, and also the conditioning is far more enduring than other sports. Wrestlers  have to do a lot and really have to be dedicated.

Caleb Byrd transferred to Lincoln from Lodi his Junior year. I asked him how Lincoln wrestling is different than Lodi wrestling and he said, “Way harder, the conditioning is just off the charts compared to any program I have ever been in, and the coaches are all supportive no matter what”.

Being a transfer student was a big transition because he wasn’t doing all the stuff at Lodi they do here. When I asked him how wrestling is for him this season, he said, “Amazing, the team works hard no matter what”.

Junior Roman Amperosa transferred from Stagg at the start of this year. He wrestled at Stagg for a few months until he had to quit because of the football off season training.

When asked how different Lincoln Wrestling is from Stagg Wrestling, he responded with, “It’s a lot more organized and there are a lot more kids to interact with and it’s a lot more intense.” He also adds, “Just the warm ups in general make you sweat”.

He said he had a tournament last weekend in Berkeley and he placed 3rd overall of 12 schools. He wants to have a career in wrestling because he loves it, “I’m very happy with it, I enjoy the levels of competition from other people and all around one of the toughest sports to play. Its something I encourage everyone to try”.

Senior Julius Serrano who has grappled most of his life is on his last year of Lincoln Wrestling. He used to do wrestling when he was younger, but he got back into training in his freshman year of High School.

“Right now I am 3rd in the section and my highest ranking in the state was 21, I have a 19-3 record right now, and I placed first in the first 2 tournaments, took third at another one, and went 4-2 the toughest tournaments in the section”.

The Lincoln High Wrestling Senior Night was a success, with a win over St. Mary’s and plenty of emotional moments for both wrestlers and their families.