Students: “We should be allowed to decorate our caps”


Lincolnian File/ 2019

Lincoln Students walk in line ahead of a graduation ceremony.

Eliza Navy, Staff writer

Lincolnian File/ 2019
Lincoln Students sit during a graduation ceremony at Alex G. Spanos Stadium.

As years passed at Lincoln High School, there has been great discussion as to whether or not students should be allowed to decorate their graduation caps. When students graduate, they don’t think that their cap is just a piece of clothing to wear on graduation day, but a way to show that they earned the day.

Senior year is a different year and a very emotional year for many students. There are many events held by Lincoln High School including senior paint the walk, prom, senior sunset, Grad Nite, Mr. Nice Guy, and, the much anticipated, graduation day.  These events have a huge impact on students, they bring light to students’ lives and they bring joy into somebody’s senior year. Senior year is a time to spend these events with friends, friends that you may no longer spend every second of every hour with.

Here’s an intake on what some of the students here at Lincoln think.  “I think we should be allowed to decorate our caps because it is a great way to look back at the memories.̈  said by freshmen Alexa Lopez.

As shown by a student from Lincoln, decorating caps could give students opportunities to look back on high school 10 years from now or even 2 years from now.

“Graduating is a big achievement and by being able to decorate your cap with either something that represents who you are, something you did in high school, or by decorating it with something that represents your future after high school , makes the moment even more special than before.” said Junior Melina Gutierrez.  

Many students believe that we should be given the opportunity to decorate graduation caps. It allows them to express themselves and their accomplishments that they have made throughout the 4 years of high school.