Online vs On Campus Learning

Testimonials from seniors who are ending their high school careers in a pandemic.

Madison White, News Editor

One final change in Lincoln High’s learning plan brings about new feelings of excitement and frustration from seniors on campus and at home. In-person learning was been switched from two to four days per week which does present some challenges, but also allows for opportunities that have not been available to students in over a year. For those who remain in the distance learning model, they feel the disconnect between themselves and their classmates on campus. The conclusion of our senior year in high school is bittersweet, especially during a pandemic. The following seniors reflect on the most recent change in our school’s learning plan and how they will remember their last year of high school.

“I’m on campus! It’s a bit scary ending the year this way between health-centric anxiety and the now foreign feeling of being around so many people, but I’m glad I get to see people before all of us (seniors) leave. I like that splitting classes gives students options on days that they don’t want to or can’t be on campus, but I dislike how different they feel even though teachers try to give in-person and online learners as similar of an experience as they can. My own challenges with being back four days a week are just getting used to being around people again, for the most part. I personally really like the Wednesday school since it gives a nice breather from seeing people and the stress of everything, in and outside of school. I’m going to remember the first times being back on campus, first time being back with one cohort and then being back with everyone.” – Andy Benner

“I was super excited to go back to school, getting to see my friends, and getting back into sports! It feels like we’re returning to some sort of normalcy. The abrupt ending of last school year definitely caught me off guard and not in the best way. Nonetheless, being able to go through it with my friends and knowing if I need to I can reach out to them at any time, made all of our bonds so much stronger.” – Analillia Cabuena

“I’ve been looking forward to my senior year for as long as I can remember, and at this point I count even being able to see my teachers and friends in person as a win. Coming back four days a week has been one of the highlights of this year because it’s the closest we’ve been to normalcy in a very long time. I’m glad to be back!” – Kaitlin Case

“I am currently going to campus for the four day a week in-person model. I am happy that we are ending the year this way because it is nice to see my friends and teachers that I have not seen for over a year. What I dislike about having classes split between in-person and online is that there is a slight disconnect between those that are online and those that are in person. Those in class cannot communicate with those online and those in class tend to have a slightly different curriculum than those that are distance learning. I absolutely love the current Wednesday schedule. It allows for me to finish my assignments for the week which ultimately allows for me to end the week in relaxation. It also allows for me to catch up on sleep that I may have lost from Monday or Tuesday.” – Owen Deguzman

“I feel great being on campus mainly because I get to see people before I leave for military boot camp. I don’t really like having the classes split up because the teachers seem to have a hard time focusing on two groups. My opinion on the Wednesday schedule is that it is different, but interesting so I have nothing against it. Doing the last six weeks on campus is interesting but a bit sad mainly because a lot of kids have missed out on learning and sports opportunities due to distance learning. It’s nice to be back. I will remember seeing all the people I know and being able to hang out with them again.” – Nick Swartz

“I chose to stay home to conclude my senior year. I don’t regret my decision as I am able to manage my time wisely and go from home straight to work, allowing for less rushed drives. Since I didn’t realize that much of a shift from having to go to school either two days out of the week or four days, the only real difference I noticed was that some teachers paid slightly less attention to those who stayed home compared to those who are in class. However, I expected this so it didn’t really phase me. I really enjoy our Wednesday schedule because it allows me to sleep in a little later and get all the work done from previous days for future days without having to stress about new assignments and having to go to class. However, I don’t like it because we have no Monday schedules because it was switched to Wednesday. I think what I will remember from my senior year is being able to spend some time with my friends and the overall process of applying to college.” – Lucia Torres-Becerril

“I am distance learning for the rest of the school year. Although it isn’t ideal, I chose to stay home to ensure safety in my household.” – Dennis Torres

“I dislike distance learning because being on a computer for a long period of time isn’t motivating, as well as being stuck in my room doing school. I feel like my motivation this year has completely gone away, and I’m not doing as well as the last three years. However, I do like that I’m able to multi-task since I’m at home. I’m able to get a lot more done throughout the day rather than being in school. It also works better with my work schedule. ” – Kayla Valentine

“I decided at the last minute to come back to campus. At first, I was hesitant because I thought there was no point in coming back for only a few weeks, but coming back has made me feel the most normal that I have ever felt this past year. I realized that with going back to school I’m able to live out who I wanted to be in my senior year. Going back in-person definitely increased my motivation. I’m able to actually start my assignments without having my phone or my bed to distract me every five seconds. One of my most memorable moments from senior year is getting to interview with a representative from Stockton Scholars, Lange Luntao, and talking about my high school experience including receiving the Spanos Scholarship award. It’s rewarding to look back on my achievements, struggles, and growth.” – Trinh Vo