Dual Enrollment 101

A glimpse into Lincoln High School’s Dual Enrollment Program


STOCKTON: Dual enrollment is a program where high school students take college courses at the local community college for free, that can earn college credits or high school credits. Collecting college credits in high school is extremely beneficial because it can save you thousands of dollars, significantly reducing college debt!

Dual enrollment operates through San Joaquin Delta College and is 100% online and asynchronous. There are no in-person classes, Zoom meetings are typically not mandatory (unless stated by your professor). A Lincoln High School student may take a maximum of 15 units per semester. Class times will vary depending on your high school. For the Spring 2023 semester, all classes begin in January and end in May.

Dual enrollment is open to high school students grades 9-12. This program can replace any high school classes you are currently enrolled in, however, you will need to be enrolled in certain courses such as US History, American Government, etc. 

Ariel Tuy, a high school junior, explained that she “took dual enrollment to drop my US history class to have a 1-5 because its convenient so me and my brother can have the same schedule”.

There are a few steps to follow in order to apply to Delta College. In order to be eligible, you must submit the San Joaquin Delta College application (returning students do not have to repeat this step). You then receive an acceptance letter if you meet the requirements. Next, you must complete the dual enrollment form. If you are enrolling in English 1A or Math 12, you must ask the placement center to clear a set performance level. After all previous listed steps are completed, you can register/ sign up for your classes. Applications for dual enrollment have varying times of processing, so it may take up to a week to process your application.

If you are interested in signing up for the Dual Enrollment program, reach out to your counselor or Ms. Gillig in the library for more information. You can also visit Delta’s website, deltacollege.edu.