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Parking lot frustrations drive students to jockey for open spots, park off campus

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Parking lot frustrations drive students to jockey for open spots, park off campus

Rhett Acosta, Staff Writer

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A traffic jam in the parking lot at Lincoln High School is part of everyday life. Tempers run high on a normal day, but now drivers must navigate a construction zone, and students are forced to find alternative parking as dozens of parking spots are unavailable in the front parking lot. The questions are numerous and rumours about when the lot will be open fester. Among the hundreds of students who drive to school on a regular basis there is a general upset and anger, with the question of “why wasn’t the project started earlier in the summer?” said more like a statement then as a question.

While shade is always a welcome partner in a parking lot, with only two entrances and exits, before and after school is increasingly difficult. Henry Angeles, a senior at Lincoln High School who drives every morning has noticed a sizable shift. “There’s a lot more traffic” he says. He mentions that it’s much easier to park in the back lot then it is parking in the front, and that he’s been avoiding it all together. “After parking in the front lot for a whole week, [it was] upsetting.”

Principal Lori Green did point out that while traffic may be bad, she has seen open spots in the front lot. She noted that she has counted “24 empty spots” in the morning after the bell.

While there might be open spots, frustration continues to mount. On Wednesday two students returned to their cars to find that they had flat tires. Both cars had screws in the tires, a result of the current construction. Jolena Velasquez, a senior, said that she returned  to her car at lunch to find that her passenger rear tire was flat. “When I came to school my car was totally fine” She points out. “At lunch it was completely flat.” While it could be possible that she picked up the screw on the road, she’s not the only student to have this problem.

Additionally multiple students have complained of being held up in traffic and subsequently were late to their morning class. Marissa Muok is a senior with a 2nd thru 6th schedule.  Muok showed up at 8 a.m. to find no spots for students open in the front parking lot. She said that construction had taken another row of parking. She mentioned she’d most likely park in the back lot near Stuart Larson, until construction is over.

With the backlot filling up before second period starts, students are parking on the side of the lot, and in some cases in the streets surrounding. With little word or advice from the school, the creativity of where to park continues to rise. But with this comes confusion and frustration among those who drive to school. 

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Rhett Acosta, Staff writer

Rhett Acosta is the administration reporter for the Lincolnian Newspaper. Rhett, a senior at Lincoln High, is in his first year with the paper. Rhett...

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Parking lot frustrations drive students to jockey for open spots, park off campus