Rap beefs last too long, say fans


Rap artist J.cole and America’s favorite eighteen year old artist “Lil Pump” have made it on the charts with their diss tracks about one and other. In late 2017, Lil Pump had made a tweet about J.Cole stating he is better than him and doesn’t like his raps whatsoever.

Artist Lil Pump continuously posted videos and tweets about j.cole and his music. Pump even came out with an explicit song repeating a saying that completely disrespected j.cole. Cole didn’t have any opinion or words on the beef Lil Pump had started, until early 2018. J.Cole dropped his album  “KOD” with 12 tracks including a song about his perspective and thoughts on young artists in today’s society. Most had made it out to be about Pump considering no other artist had dissed J.cole. The hit “1985” Cole released has over 2 million views. J.Cole’s words stated that all the artist now are young and most people believe that the music they make is dumb.

He also told a story about when he was Pumps age and doing the same thing. Parties, Money, and Drugs was Coles main focus as an eighteen year old and he believes Lil Pump is about the same thing.

In the middle of the song he said he respects the moves Pump has made and he wishes him good luck. In the ending he finishes off harshly by saying Lil Pump will just end up on a T.V show and any other artist that try to come for him will get “rocked”. After “1985” was dropped Lil Pump responded with an instagram story stating   “ You’re a lame washed up old head rapper”. Cole had no response to his reaction.

A few months ago Cole dropped an interview with Pump on his youtube Channel. J.cole and Lil Pump had talked about their past and how much they can relate to each other. During this interview they both seemed pretty comfortable and relaxed. At the end they shook hands and this rap game beef had been squashed.

What do you think about Lil Pump starting beef for no reason with an artist that been in the game for over a decade? How do you think J.cole should have handled the situation? Sophomore at Lincoln High School, Dareal Williams states “ The beef Lil Pump started was stupid and unnecessary. Lil Pump only wanted attention. J.Cole should have came way harder.” What are your final thoughts on this situation?

One of the rap game’s biggest legends, Drake and artist Pusha T had explicit beef earlier on this year. Drake and Pusha T had beef in affiliation with artist Lil wayne years ago. Now a decade later the flame had sparked again. Originally Drake had been a fan of Pusha, but this beef has been going on for years and this year Pusha T took it to the next level. Pusha released his single “Infrared” in the summer of 2018. During this track Pusha states many comments  directed at Drake. He states comments like “ another multi-platinum rapper that can’t retire” and “ how could you ever right these wrongs? When you don’t even write your songs?”.

Pusha T stated he dissed Drake because of how all the beef throughout the years has played out. He says he doesn’t have respect for Drake like he does other rappers. He feels all the beef needed to be responded to and his truth needed to be told. Pusha T later on told the rap community Drake had a child. He said Drakes constantly talks about how his father left yet he won’t claim his baby. After “Infrared” had dropped and caught attention Drake later dropped a response track called “ Duppy”.

In this diss track, Drake had said he put Pusha T on with money and advice to be successful. Drake said the comments Pusha made were just jokes and that he doesn’t rap about what happened to him, only what he was told.

Drake also made comments about how Pusha fronted on all of the things he had rapped about. Later on in the year Pusha T had stated  the beef is “ all over with, it’s all over with.” Everyone in the rap community had soon enough just brushed it under the rug and decided it should not be a thing anymore.

How do you think this beef should’ve been handled? Do you think it should have ended years ago? Since this beef never really got squashed, who do you think won? Freshman at Lincoln high, Adriana Navarro says “ This beef went on for way too long, it was stupid and should have been squashed a long time ago. Pusha T should not have brought up Drakes personal problems but at least no one is talking about it anymore.” What’s your opinion on this year’s rap beef?