Chromebooks offer range of benefits, but students should have a choice

Julian Rodriguez, Staff Writer

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Is all the extra baggage necessary? On top of the 5 pound plus textbooks we are forced to check out for our classes, we now have to carry around these inconvenient chromebooks.

Some chromebooks that were given out were defective, which is very unfair to us as students because if we turn in a broken chromebook, we have to pay for the damages, no matter if we broke the chromebooks ourselves or not. I personally feel if textbooks were digitally on our chromebooks this year the chromebooks would be far more accepted by the senior class.

It’s also very hard to use lockers for some students. There’s not enough time with such far apart classes, for example if your 2nd period Spanish class is on the Sierra side, then you need to go to your locker, then to your 3rd period math class next to the school pool. You’re going to be late, and with the strictness of you being late, you will be tardy. Because you’re going to have repeated tardiness, you’re going to get your detentions. All because you don’t want to carry around all your  heavy textbooks and a chromebook, that’s tough.

Don’t get me wrong, a school provided computer can be very helpful to some students that don’t have a device at home. They can use it for typing out there essays and doing schoolwork, and at school the computers can make it very easy for teachers to utilize google classroom and other online networks.

I don’t entirely hate all chromebooks, I just feel they should be an optional choice for all students to check out. For instance, why would a student need a chromebook at home if there’s no wifi connection at home to begin with? And wouldn’t it save the school money if instead of every student having a chromebook for themselves, a teacher’s classroom has all needed chromebooks already inside the classroom?