Freshmen Freakout!

Incoming 9th graders adjust to new surroundings


Alana Luman

Math 9 teacher Megan Drake guides her class through a lesson on Sept. 14.

Alana Luman, Staff Writer

Textbooks and chromebooks fill the backpacks of the newcomers. Rushing to classes and signing syllabi, worrying about the upcoming packets of homework. Here is what the freshmen have to say about their first time in the big pond. Lincoln High School is a huge campus. “It’s a little stressful because you’re trying to adjust to where all your classes are” said Josilyn Holdaway, freshman. At least if your classes are far apart you will be getting a good work out.

Sometimes the teachers seem a little scary and intimidating, maybe even a little crazy, but Nadia Boone thinks “They’re all good, they all seem really determined to teach, and they like want to get to know every individual student”.

A good connection between student and teacher will help in the long run. You will not be so hesitant to ask that question you have had since the beginning of the lesson.

On the other hand, Dylan Marlowe thinks it is too early in the year to really tell how his teachers are, “they’re still trying to get to know us well, since it’s so early into the school year” Marlowe said.

When asked how grades are, Lexia Cooper says she has not checked but there is really nothing she has not done or turned in yet. Aeires is always available to the students, but if you are having trouble you should definitely stop by the Student Service Center to get some assistance.

High School is a stressful place. Makes you feel insane, but that is alright. It is alright take a breather, go drink a cup of tea, take a hot bath. Just make sure you keep going. This experience eventually gets easier. Good luck, Freshmen!