Good n’ Plenty serves up humorous look at legal system


The Drama department is having their first play of the year, Good ’n’ Plenty, its first performance will be (date) in the Performing Arts Center. This play is a all around comedy and full “fat free fun,” all students should attend for a “low calorie” laugh.

The play Good ‘n’ Plenty is set in 1976, where “a young teacher is returning to his ACMA mation? To teach government and economics” as  Chris Shary, the drama teacher said. He also explains that this government class was no regular government class, the teacher didn’t teach about “the legal system, but invented a fake drug deal using Good “n” Plenty candies and it goes really wrong” stated Shary.

The story is based around the young teacher Richard Miller, he is described “cocky and for himself” by Shary. He says the story has a lot to do with the issues that he goes through while trying to withhold his drug cartel. Miller tends to “butt heads” states Shary with another government teacher named Gianna Penlope, but the teacher is just part of the problem. He has a student in his class named Clady Hlinko , who is “a know it all student” said Shary, “that complicates” things for Miller.

The play is comedic way of looking “at the legal system” and just getting a look at an usual high school situation. The message that the audience should recieve from this hilarious play, Shary said that “shaking things up for the sake of shaking them up is not always a wise decision.”

Come see Good ‘n’ Plenty, it will give you a good laugh and some life advice that you coud possibly imply to your very own.