From a Ram to a Trojan

Student reflects on his transfer from St. Mary’s to Lincoln

From a Ram to a Trojan

Shreddan Gomesh, Staff Writer

Maceo Frisco is a junior at Lincoln High School who has just transferred from St. Mary’s.

This is his first year and he is loving it, he is taking an AP class and also he is a running back and cornerback for Lincoln High School Football Team. He describes Lincoln in three words, family, fun, friends.

Family because he said that here friends that are made are long-lasting and tend to be more like family than friends. Fun because it’s more social here at Lincoln than St. Mary’s and there more events happening; one example he gave was the football  games on Fridays the students are more supportive, win or loose, he loves the Lincoln Lunatics. He aslo said that you can be more open here at Lincoln, and its easier to make friends here.

As far as being a football player at Lincoln High School, he has scored 4 touchdowns throughout this season due to his late entry to the season, because he had transferred.

Maceo went  on to say that “Lincoln is a great team with great talent, but we have to play like brothers, as one team. Everyone’s busy on making there highlights to look good for the recruiters to recruit them, but not working as a team to be where we should be at.” “I have to workout additionally to the practice for football”. He hopes things get better in the football team and that he can’t wait for the next season when he’ll be a senior.

His future plans are to do track and attend LSU on an academic scholarship to major in mechanical and technical engineering, as well as continue his football career in the NCAA. He loves Lincoln a lot and has great respect for the other students and teachers. “I’m proud to be a Trojan”, he said.