Trojans playoff hopes are on the line in matchup against St. Mary’s

Jolena Velasquez, Staff Writer

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Rivalry. If you live in Stockton, the St. Mary’s and Lincoln rivalry has always been a big one. Many locals anticipate the week 10 matchup every year. This year the big crosstown football game will be held at St. Mary’s and kick off begins at 7:15. Plan for it to be a packed house.

Nerves are high this week for new starting quarterback Zayvier Hamilton, who made his debut for the Trojans last week at Merrill West High School in Tracy. With St. Mary’s powerful line Hamilton had some ideas of how to prepare, he stated “I just need to get my mind right and watch a lot of film.”

For some seniors this game decides if they continue their football career, or if this will be there last game. If the Trojans do beat St. Mary’s, they will secure a D1 playoff spot. With the Trojans struggling early on in the season, this week many critics predict that Rams will completely blow out this Trojans team. Jay’on Brice had a few comments about all the negative comments that are going around town. “ I do not it ignore, I just allow those comments to fuel into my fire, show it on the field,” said Brice.

Between many Rams and Trojans there are friendships and competition. Matchups to look forward to watching is our cornerbacks and their wide receivers. Many of them play against or with each other during 7 on 7 season. So this matchup will be a fun one to watch.

The game is not only bragging rights for one team, but it is just an old-fashioned rivalry that everyone looks forward to watching. Both teams should expect to have big fan sections. Lines to buy tickets and to enter the game will be extremely long, so plan to arrive at St. Mary’s a little earlier than usual to get a seat and enjoy what should be good rivalry game. Hope to see everyone there and wearing red to support our Trojans.