Community turns out in droves for annual haunted house

Spooky season continues with the ghouls and the witches soon coming out to clown the streets and scare those who fear but, Halloween, October 31st, has yet to come falling on a Wednesday night. Meaning you can party the night away in the Big Gates, go trick-or-treating because you never get too old for candy or staying home handing out treats and watching Hocus Pocus but, making sure to return safely to your house in time to finish assignments for that night and getting ready for the school day to come.

Twitter has blown up of spooky baskets and the desire of being gifted one, halloween costumes, and memes of the spooky season. Every year as the wicked holiday approaches, Lincoln High has presented their very own annual haunted gallery welcoming students, parents and the community to experience different horror scenarios that students themselves came up with. The haunted gallery does not repeat itself with the same rooms being shown every year but, showcasing more thrilling and appalling scenarios to give you a frightening scare. In a recent interview with Taylor Javier, junior and first year advanced drama student, who has participated in the haunted gallery for the past 3 years here at Lincoln, shared the diversity of rooms that were being presented.

I had the opportunity to experience the haunted gallery myself for their opening night with admission costing $7 and all costs going to their drama program. As a group, we were ushered throughout the rooms with each room having its own terror of a creation come to life. Although, the haunted gallery this year had a diversity of room that offered its own storyline and overall was very entertaining and creepy.

Now let’s view behind the scenes of the haunted gallery. The ones that bring to life these storylines and really play the role and put everything into action. Madeline Gutierrez, junior and second year drama student, shares,”Opening night was definitely slow compared to the other nights but, I still had a blast since I was not able to participate sophomore year.” Madeline later added that Friday and Saturday closing nights would lead past midnight. You could really tell that these students are truly committed to the passion that they have for drama and giving the community the scare that they came for.