Culinary grows gardening program to meet diverse ingredient needs

Jharen Nelson, Staff Writer

The culinary arts program has took their hand in the green thumbs ways. In the middle of last week on Wednesday , October 23  Chef Lars Lundgren and class transferred their vegetables onto one side of the green pasture to the other to create more room as they are still in the process of making their garden even bigger than it  already is.

“Making the garden bigger helps us to where we are able to have more access to healthy foods that are less processed and we are able to watch what we eat,” said Cooper Pyeatt, senior. “In addition, we will have unlimited resources.“

As the school year continues the culinary arts program is moving on they are continuing with their Asian unit with the week of chinese cuisine. In the midst of the week the class had the opportunity to make different varieties of chow mein, orange chicken, fried rice, and beef and broccoli.

On Oct. 21, the class came together to figure out what items they had to make sure that they knew the history behind it and also as well as knowing the proper ingredients to and how to cook it.

As the class continues to expand their garden daily by putting in new plants as well as continuing with a different unit #getfried . Stay tuned for all the sweet treats they have in store.