Girls wrestling program enters conditioning phase

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Girls wrestling program enters conditioning phase

Alana Luman, Staff Writer

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The fall sports are now over, and the winter sports have just begun. Teens are trying out for one of the four winter sports, which are wrestling, basketball, cheer, and soccer. Wrestling has already began it’s conditioning for tryouts, which are five thirty to seven, Monday through Friday, as of October twenty fourth.

Sirauh Teng is a freshman trying out for the girls wrestling team. She has started conditioning along with many other students. Sirauh Teng is trying out because she “wanted to try something new and gain experience from it. [She] [does] not have any past experience with wrestling”. Though, when Sirauh Teng was younger, Sirauh did taekwondo. Currently, Sirauh is training Brazilian jiu-jitsu at Stockton Jiu-Jitsu, and she has been doing so for at least two years.

Sirauh says she just has “to adjust [doing] a sport for [Lincoln], rather than doing sports for fun and for ‘extracurricular activities’.” She is doing much better at managing it, she’s getting the hang of things. Along with all her classes, social life, and extracurricular, I believe she is doing pretty good!

Heidi Portillo Corrales, on the other hand, wanted to overcome her dread of long distance running. One of Heidi’s goals was to improve her endurance, and the intense conditioning is really helping. Exercises such as stadiums, where you run all the stairs in the stadiums, sometimes with extra weight on your back, is helping a lot.

Heidi started conditioning for the wrestling team because “[she] wanted to try a sport, and my sister does wrestling so she was like [her] motivation to join.” Siblings are, almost, always a great person to look up to.

Even though she has the inspiration and motivation, it is still scary going into a new sport, especially a martial art. Heidi has not done any “martial arts outside of wrestling”. Though, just like talking to new people, it gets easier and less stressful.

Wrestling is a martial art which you have to devote a ton of time into, causing pain that will soon be worth it. These kids are obviously putting in the effort. Best of luck to those trying out!

Alana Luman