REVIEW: Once Upon a Deadpool promises squeaky-clean holiday fun

Adrian Carrasco, Staff Writer

Everyone’s heard of Deadpool, right? Well if you haven’t, maybe it’s because you weren’t old enough, or were busy with kids or work.

Now here’s your chance to see Once Upon a Deadpool this winter, but in PG-13. The movie takes away a lot of the violence, sexual content, and most of the strong language involved within the first movie. It’s said to be set up to be a bed time story, reminiscent of The Princess Bride, with included features like Fred Savage appearing in these new scenes as Deadpool reads him a bedtime story.

Once Upon a Deadpool will run for 12 days beginning Demember 12 all the way up to December 24. According to entertainment website, for every ticket bought, $1 will go to the F-ck Cancer campaign, which has been renamed “Fudge Cancer” for this effort, since the whole point of Once Upon a Deadpool is rebranding the R-rated spectacle to be squeaky clean for wholesome teens.

So make sure to go see it before its to late.