EU’s Article 13 puts the squeeze on memes

Adrian Carrasco, Staff Writer

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Article 13, also know as the “upload filter,” is, from what you can see from the title, a filter for the internet. Currently, this is only going on in Europe but still should be something to possibly consider in the future.

The “Upload Filter” is an online filter to stop copyright in the online market. So any large amounts of works and other subject matter uploaded from different sources could be liable for copyright infringement. For example, all memes could be banned in the EU because of this upload filter because they all use unoriginal sources to make them.

Anything uploaded that isn’t an original creation could be pulled for copyright infringement, which could mean even being sued. Social media sites like Twitter, Instagrahm, Facebook, and Youtube would have to monitor their websites. As for Youtubers, this could mean their careers would essentially be over considering some depend on it for a living. So it is something to consider as a possibility for the future.